Umbanda is all about being in a band.
Life is about making music.
Making music with other people has far reaching benefits.

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to make music with other people.
Making an instant band
We use drums and percussion instruments to make vibrant and exciting music accessible to people regardless of age, ability or previous experience.
Since 1997 we've drummed with 100 people a week (on average)
That's about 30,000 folks and well over a thousand workshops!
We have been visiting schools, play schemes, fetes, festivals, management centres, day centres, training colleges, hospices, rehabs, museums, public open spaces, parks.. well, just about anywhere we're asked to go- for nearly a decade.
We bring a wide-range of top-notch instruments from around the world in order to enable people (many of whom never thought they had it in them) the opportunity to have the experience of being in a fully functioning and vibrant instant band.
Our four main areas are:

Education - Visiting 30 schools a year, mostly N-Y6 (key stage 1 and 2) we like to ensure all the children (and most of the adults) all play: Hands on, fully interactive and very exciting! Perfect for creative, multi-cultural, ands arts weeks!

Community - The 'rolling-rhythms' are informal drumming sessions for all ages. Whole families and communities have been known to get involved, adding colour to fetes, PTA events, family fun days and arts festivals.

Therapeutics - Health rhythms sessions in Hospices, Rehabs and Day Centres
provide essential and positive group experiences across the health care continuum. Rhythmical development for special needs and learning disabilities offers another approach to group work

Corporate/TeamBuilding- A whole host of top flight companies from Volvo and the BBC to The Home office and MOD have employed drumming sessions to compliment training days and team building events, if you're looking for the new hot ticket in interactive corporate entertainment; Drumming is it! (phone to find out why.)
"see testimonials from happy clients"
Contact: for more information, to discuss how interactive-drumming-activity may add colour to your event or for details about cost and availability get in touch. We may be out drumming - but will always get back to you…

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